How to show Null values as blank in reports

It is very common from a user to ask you mask Null values to something else, for example Null to be shown as Zero.

But, I come through a reverse requirement where user wanted to show Null as Null without any masking. By default, Obiee was showing zeros.

Quickly, it clicked in my mind I changed the setting at Physical layer in RPD.

Let’s go step by step.

  1. Values are being shown as 00/00/00 and 0.0 in second fourth and fifth column rescpectively in below screen shot.null1
  2. User wanted them to be shown as below.null2
  3. All you have to do is to login to RPD and Navigate to Physical columns of respective columns.
  4. Check the ‘Nullable’ option as shown below and Press OK. Then save the rpd and check
  5.  .null3Please share your thoughts if it helped and keep watching this space for more updates.You can follow me on twitter (@akashdgarg) for quick updates about what’s happening in the area of BI, Big data, OBIEE etc

How to insert page breaks while printing OBIEE Answer’s result in PDF

Sometimes we wonder how to insert page break in PDF output of Answers. We think that there is something to do with pdf file properties or the version of pdf is not compatible with OBIEE, but you may be wrong here as it is very simple to do it from OBIEE.

In this example I will use product type for grouping for page break.

1. Let’s use Sample Sales to do this example. Create an analysis report like the following:


2. Create either a pivot table or table. I’ll use table as an example.


  1. When you edit the table, drag product type to Sections. Then edit Section Properties. You will be able to see the first option called Insert Page Break!


  1. The drop down allows you to choose No Page Break, Innermost Column, Outermost Column or a specific column which in this case will only be Products.Product Type.

No Page Break literally means no page break.

Innermost Column would be the first column you have on your sections area.

Outermost Column would be the last column you have on your sections area.

Specific Column would contain all the possible columns for Page Break and you can only choose one.It does not matter which one you choose if you have only 1 column in the section area. When you have more than one, then you’ll need to give it some thought. Generally, I would choose the specific name in case I modify the sections area. If you need to combine 2 or more columns for the page break, you’ll have to concat these items in criteria before you use this feature.


5. So this is what you will get in Answers.


  1. Click on Print button to print PDF


  1. You can achieve the same by exporting to PDF.


  1. The result as follows, page break by product type in PDF!


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