Error while exporting/printing large data to PDF/Excel2007 in OBIEE11g

Today, my business user sends me an error screenshot saying he was not able to take a printout of detailed report which had approx. 7k rows. I provided an ‘Export‘ link at the bottom of the report and asked the user to download first and print. But, interestingly, he was able to download in excel 2003 but neither in excel2007 nor pdf. It triggered me to investigate the issue and provide a solution.

Issue: trying to export an analysis result in to pdf or printing to pdf and gives following error:


A fatal error occurred while processing the request. The server responded with:$ReadOverTheLimitException.


Solution: edit the config.xml file located at /$OBIEEHOME$/instances/instance1/config/OracleBIJavaHostComponent/coreapplication_obijh1/config.xml

Note: take a backup of config.xml file in case you need to rollback the changes.

and edit the following entries:


in my case value in <InputStreamLimitInKB> was 32768 and i changed it to 0 (zero)


0 means deactivating the limit.

and restart the services.

But , would you like to limit the maximum input size (in kilobytes) for requests that are sent to the JavaHost service, then increase the parameter’s value until you are able to resolve the issue.

Note: everytime you make the changes in config.xml file, you need to restart the services.

You can also try changing the following tag in same file:



AKASH (@akashdgarg)






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